Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

Master of Science (Food Safety and Quality)


Master of Science (Food Safety & Quality) program is offered as coursework by instruction to graduates in the discipline of food science/technology and other related disciplines such as microbiology, chemistry, biotechnology and public health. This program provides advance training in all aspects of food safety and quality within the context of food manufacturing and distribution settings.

Students will acquire advanced knowledge on food safety management, food legislation and international trade, risk analysis and traceability, halal production and other emerging areas which are closely related to the food industry at the national or international level. Graduates will develop the skills to address food safety and quality management systems.

The program provides study opportunity for working food professionals who want further specialization on food safety to enhance their ability to cope with the ever-changing requirement on food protection for their career advancement. Throughout the program, students will explore and learn to critically evaluate issues raised by the enforcement of regulations and legislation relating to food. Upon completing the program, students will be able to obtain up-to-date knowledge on food safety and quality management of the national and international legislative trends from the sale, supply and production of foods.

Admission Requirement
  •  A Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA 2.50 (or equivalent) from institutions of higher learning recognized by University Senate; or
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent not meeting CGPA of 2.50, can be accepted subject to a minimum of 5 years working experience in relevant field;
  • Local candidates must achieve credits in English at SPM level or have passed English courses at Diploma or Bachelor Degree level; and
  • International candidates must obtain a TOEFL score at least 550 or IELTS score of at least 6.
Program Courses