To become an innovative as well as a world-class lifelong learning centre.





To achieve academic excellence by producing world-class human capital through lifelong teaching and learning.





To inculcate lifelong learning based on the principle of having faith in God, to build a community of educated, progressive, disciplined, and well integrated individuals, and, to create people who are intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually balanced for the wellbeing of the society and the nation as a whole.





Towards Lifelong Excellence





  • Provide access, at the tertiary level, to lifelong learning academic programmes that are world-class
  •  Coordinate lifelong learning academic programmes for the development of society and the nation
  •  Conserve and utilise knowledge for the growth and marketability of human capital
  • Establish cooperative and collaborative relationship between  PLUMS and other educational, industrial, and governmental institutions as well as professional bodies
  • Cultivate and inculcate universal values as well as an openness in thinking with a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of society





  • Serves as the administrative centre that generates income for UMS by organising UMS academic programmes on an off-campus basis both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level
  • Serves as the centre that manages and administers UMS academic programmes which are offered on an off-campus basis with the collaborative efforts from the university’s Faculties and the Academic Services Division (BPA)
  • Serves as the centre that manages and administers Postgraduate Programme (by taught course)  with the collaborative efforts from the university’s Faculties and the Centre for Postgraduate Studies (PPPS)
  • Serves as the administrative centre that connects the university’s Faculties, which offer academic programmes, with the university’s Departments and Management





  • Provide teaching and learning facilities that are conducive and comfortable for PLUMS students at all learning centres
  • Provide necessary teaching requirements and teaching aids to academic staff at all learning centres
  • Deal with the university’s Faculties and Schools to obtain and appoint teaching staff for PLUMS programmes
  • Save and update student data and information for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes
  • Manage and administer programmes and registration activities for new students as well as handle course registration for Undergraduate and Postgraduate (by taught course) Programmes
  •  Interact with students on all matters concerning various issues and problems faced by students throughout the duration of their study period at the university
  •  Provide allocation for the organisation of student activities at faculty level and offer funding opportunities for other related academic programmes
  •  Provide advice to students in matters concerning their welfare, health, and finances.
  •  Manage and administer examinations and student convocation ceremonies with the cooperation from the respective Faculty, the Academic Services Division (BPA), and the Centre for Postgraduate Studies (PPPS)
  • Provide assistance by undertaking promotional activities and marketing programmes in accordance to the needs of the respective Faculty