Universiti Malaysia Sabah has now been officially appointed as an APEL Assessment Centre by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

APEL is a systematic process that involves the identification, documentation and assessment of prior experiential learning, i.e. knowledge, skills and attitudes, to determine the extent to which an individual has achieved the desired learning outcomes, for access to a program of study and or award of credits.

Source: Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)

What is APEL.A?

APEL is Accreditation of Prior Experience Based Learning. It is defined as a systematic process that involves the identification, documentation and evaluation of learning based on previous experiences. APEL provides an opportunity for those who have work experience but lack qualifications or no academic qualifications to continue their studies at Institutions of Higher Education (IPT). In general, the assessment of APEL involves the assessment of knowledge acquired by a person through formal education or through previous experience.

Source: Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)


APEL established to provide an alternative entry to those who have less formal education sufficient to pursue higher. APEL encourage individuals to improve their knowledge continually leading to the award of a formal qualification certificate. This in turn will provide a better chance in the career development of the individual.

APEL provides an opportunity for individual with working experience but lack of formal academic qualifications to pursue their studies in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). In general, knowledge obtained through formal education and working experience will be both assessed in APEL’s assessment. At the moment, APEL in Malaysia can only be used as an entry requirement for the following levels of qualification;

Level 6 MQF (Bachelors Degree); and
Level 7 MQF (Masters Degree).

Source: Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)

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